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Having been sexually abused as a child by a relative, I was disheartened to learn how many women in my family had been abused, not just by my perpetrator, but by many perpetrators, both in and out of my family, spanning generations of time. I made it my biggest job as a mother to ensure that this would never happen to my daughter but, despite the extraordinary measures I took, it still happened to her.  Our family's journey to healing has been long and lonely and it's not over, but we have learned a lot along the way.  We are blessed with generations of women who showed us the way.

Until now victims of sexual violence have felt unable to share their pain and some have been silenced when they did. Due to this secrecy and silence many victims do not get the help they need and feel damaged and disconnected from society. They do not understand the stages of recovery and struggle to manage their life going forward.

Adding to victim's pain is the wide-spread ignorance of the after-effects of sexual abuse. This ignorance produces perpetrators who are not held accountable for their crimes, sentencing for convicted perpetrators not being severe enough, and a whole society of victims who are struggling with mental illness.  

Our goal here at dearperp.org is:

  • To raise awareness around the after-effects of sexual violence 

  • Allow victims to tell their story

  • Provide a community where victims can find understanding and healing  

  • Help victims find the justice they deserve

  • To change culture and public policy regarding sexual violence

Sexual violence doesn't end when the violence stops, its affects continue years to come.  Silence is not an option.


Given the amount of sexual violence happening in society, we have wanted to fight back.   We have a combined career experience of over twenty-four years, having held positions as an engineer, a business analyst and a program manager of large-scale solutions. Along with our passion for stopping sexual abuse, we have a deep passion for technology and data analytics, and have spent most our career focused in these two areas.  We feel lucky and excited to be using our experience in a cause that we deeply care about. 


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